Cryptic Birthday Aftermath

Dude...Did he hug you and say happy birthday outside? What? Did he make that up?
Man, his reply sounded a little harsh which means...
1. You are in deep trouble.
2. Said trouble is by no means your fult, but rather a manifestation of his own head-case clingy crap.
3. Maureena? What the hell, I was named after the freakin' TEMPEST for chrissakes, not Holly fucking Hobby.

Okay, that was the first thing to make me fucking laugh all day...Christ, I love you.

Some notes:

1. I just finished watching a documentary about my favorite album of all time that I had somehow never seen. I cried the entire way through it while pondering my ability to love which brings me to...

2. My blogoversary is tomorrow. Expect a vagina-laden piece about said ability to love and...

3. If I ever create my magnum-opus-record-label-fucking-me-in-the-ass-greatest-album-of-all-time-album with my fake band [insert one of many clever fake band names I have come up with over the years here], I am totally naming said album the title of this post. I play a sweet skin flute.

That's funny because I actually can play the flute. True story.

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