Next Scheduled Flight:

Oakland to Seattle/Tacoma
Date Day Stops Routing Flight Routing Details
Mar 28 Fri Nonstop OAK-SEA 3570 Depart Oakland(OAK) at 8:40AM
Arrive in Seattle/Tacoma(SEA) at 10:40AM

Seattle/Tacoma to Oakland
Date Day Stops Routing Flight Routing Details
Apr 2 Wed Nonstop SEA-OAK 525 Depart Seattle/Tacoma(SEA) at 6:35PM
Arrive in Oakland(OAK) at 8:40PM

Rental Car Details
Date Time Details
28 Mar Fri 11:30 AM Renting Economy car in SEA
02 Apr Wed 05:30 PM Returning Economy car in SEA

Tentative plans include: Kickin' it old school, Carnies rollin' deep, cheap beer and whiskey, Pete's triumphant return from India (you'll be home, right?), Talkin' about Ed's baby, Cruisin' in my Echo or Fiesta or Rio or whatever the fuck they give me with Angry Samoans BLARING, Oly's at the Duck, Woody's boxing match, Mary driving up from Portland, taking Lexi to a show (I gotta get her a fake ID), stacking it up, breaking it down, and all other methods of crackin' it in general.

[p.s.--I would just like to note that my blog is now "worth" $564, and if you google "spork used as knife", which has happened to me 19 times since Tough Room aired, you better hope you're feeling lucky, 'cause I'm the first response. Yay. Go internet. It is now the #1 most popularly googled key phrase that brings you right fucking here. Somebody should actually write that article, and I'm feeling a contest a'brewin'. Hunts, Douglas, Math--you in? --M]

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