Seattle Story Time

Here's my favorite story from my trip so far.

Saturday night after going to a show and then going tto Ben Harrison's work for a quick PBR, I drove down to the G to go to Woody's boxing match after-party.
When I got to Airport and Lucille, I parked my gay-ass car (they gave me a PT Cruiser), and called him so he could come out and find me. After a brief make-out session (I really do mean brief), he took me inside, upstairs, and into some guy's apartment. I don't know anyone there, so I introduce myself to the first girl I see.
Some guy behind me puts his hand on my shoulder so I turn to facce him, and he asks me a seemingly simple question.

"Wait...you're Miranda?"

"Umm...yeah. You're Pete, right? I think I met you a few years ago."

"Yeah. But wait, you're Miranda Miranda?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

Then twenty people I've never met simultaneously burst into the loudest most raucous laghter I've ever heard.

Welcome home, kiddo.


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lisa said...

LUCY!!!! You have some esplainin' to do!