M for Moxie

The weirdest thing just happened to me on the way home from work.

So there I was, on Powell and O'Farrell, and a group of anti war protesters walk by holding signs and all wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

Then I realized what song the saxophonist on the corner was playing--

Cry Me a River.




Big Rhyno said...

Justin Timberlake as ironic administration mouthpiece....I freakin' love it.

I miss SF. Then again, I'm looking across my acreage at the horses on the ranch behind us, watching a Cooper's hawk hunt gophers for her babies, listing to Bob sing Misty Morning....as the fog closes in.

Peace out girl!

huntsmanic said...

i LOVE the new template. love it.

and this 5 lines captures a gorgeous little sumpin' about your town; also your eye for it.