My initial response.

As anyone knows who has met me, I'm obsessed with my first initial. Which is also my last initial. I have five M's adorning one wall in my apartment. I have eight M's tattooed on myself. I have two in my full name.

And it was time for an update.

I used to change my header every...oh, I don't know. Six months or so. I had had the Cake header for over a year.

It was time for a new one.

I would love to parlay that into a hearty "it's time for a new lot of things, yeah?" but I suppose that remains to be seen. The truth is that as much as I am loving hanging out with Balls-Out-Miranda, I am often scared of what she is capable of. Specifically of what she will say out of turn.

Remember the third Open Letter? In that one, I used the line "If you can't figure out which fork to use, don't eat at the grown-ups table." Dude.

I mean, this is me doing the same thing--trying to pry myself from the breakfast nook with the rest of the kids and propping myself up in the formal dining hall with a silver spoon, a paper plate, and a napkin that keeps falling off my lap. I've been entertaining the most painful fight or flight fantasies lately--painful because I don't rationally want to do either.

Three days.

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