Call to arms.

to: "Alan Stevenson" [AStevenson@sbcglobal.net]
19.06.08 20:43:17
from: "Miranda Moure" [M@MMoure.com]

RE: Our Conversation

Yeah, I've thought a lot about it too. Thanks, by the way, for kicking me in the ass a little bit because yes, it is everyday that I wonder whether this story is one that ends in me realizing what I've worked so hard for or walking [realatively] happily away from what I've built to start anew. Yes, I think the latter makes for a more litterarily promising conclusion, but the former has it's plusses too. Either way, you're right. Stories shouldn't be combat.

Look, I really appreciate you wanting to chat again, especially so soon, but I think we should hold off, just 'til I return. If you're up for it, Meet me around 11:30 the night I get back. The 2nd is a Wednesday. You don't have to be in the office too early that Thursday, do you?

C'mon, I'll make it worth your while.

You know, I remember saying that before. To Nicholas actually, and much like I think it was then you'll probably misinterpret that if I don't explain. I just mean that you'll get a couple beers and a good interview out of it, dig?

I just don't think I can handle my conscience right now. Until I get back from this first trip, I need to be focused on what I want rather than what's good for me.

Here's to 7/2. See you then.

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