The First Day of Summer: The M in KLM

Here is an e-mail chat I had with Lisa in the last couple days. I was going to save all of my new stories I have saved up for Lisa until Saturday, but I've reconsidered and decided that I need to spend my time tomorrow getting advice rather than relating all of this stuff. You'll find stuff I've added in brackets. Italiced lines are from the original e-mails.

For those of you who are not Lisa, you'll probably enjoy this too. Oh, and don't worry young readers. She'll see this. If not tonight, then tomorrow at work.

M + K--
It's high time KLM* reunite for hijinx! What are your plans this Sat. or Fri.?
--The L in KLM

L + K in KLM--
I have so many stories like:

1. My trip to Seattle on the 29th which will entail:

a. Lunch with the best ex I never had, the illustrious Mark "Competant" Huntsman
[who just finished his novel. Or, as even I might say when I finish mine, it is "...finished...you know. For now. I'm a little close to it for the time being, so I'll sit on it for a bit 'till graduation, then dive back in." That is paraphrased, by the way. It's weird, you know? I always remember conversations I've had with people virtually word for word, but it never works with Mark. I have no idea why. We're meeting up right after I file my petition and right before I go back to the courthouse for my hearing. I'm so excited. This is totally what I need--to hear exactly why I'm unfit to date from someone who wouldn't and technically has never dated me, but has seen me quite naked and in various states of repose.].

b. The court hearing I have later on that day [to change my birth certificate. That's right, young Miranda Moure is finally taking the $120 plunge and leaving her other two last names on the shore. We will all rejoice in wishing farewell to both Ms. Myricks and Ms. Counts. Can you believe it? I'm only going to have one last name. One. Last. Name.].

c. The tattoo appointment I have even later on that day [to commemorate the occasion. I'm getting two M's tattooed on my right middle finger. I just paid a deposit today @ Slave so I can't back out now, haha. Why my right middle finger? The truth? Because I saw Ashlee Simpson flipping someone off in a magazine with a middle finger tattoo and I decided I had to have one. Why the M's? Well, I've been reconnecting with the part of me that is capable of loving very fucking hard and I've realized again my huge capacity for love. There are relatively very few people in this world I can't stand, but it is for them that I have to have it. One would have to do something pretty fucking terrible for me to stop loving them and from now on, I want them never to forget who they did it to--the girl who loved them more than most people are capable of loving. To them I offer a hearty "fuck you", and from the 30th on it will be made that much heartier with my initials on one of my pussy fingers, primed and ready to flip some ungrateful moron the bird.]

2. The 20 y/o I dragged from Thieves to Amber to my apartment and then screamed at him [with no pants on. Jesus christ, I'm so retarded. I really need to get this whole prude thing under control--I mean, I'm never going to get laid ever again if I keep screaming at every 20 y/o I bring over to my house. Speaking of boning 20 y/o's, we should call Phil.]

Other than that, I'm pretty boring, but it'll still be fun.
Amber? Napper? Thieves? Wait--no. No Thieves. Jesus, I can't even hang out in my neighborhood anymore.
--M in KLM

M in KLM--
Yay! What time? Depending on when you are available, we could eat dinner.
--L in KLM

Hmm. Well, I gotta get off work, come home, do a load of laundry, take a disco nap (because it's midnight now, and I have to work in 8 hours--I'll be exhausted tomorrow at 5) and groom myself properly. Maybe 10? Maybe in the Mission?

Maybe Phonebooth? Zeitgeist? Home? Thieves Tavern? No wait--no Thieves Tavern. I already ran into Drew once this week. Damn, I can't go anywhere. Fuck, this is really not my month, is it? With my luck, I'll run into Bike Josh at Zeitgeist. You know what? Let's just go to the Napper. Nice, safe, good ol' Napper Tandy.


[*K=Keenan. L=Lisa. M=Who else? Me, of course. You know what? Make it two. Two M's never hurt anyone, unless you were getting flipped off. Haha. -MM]


lisa said...

Napper/Phonebooth/the other Thieves it is. Remind me to tell you about the 4:30 AM cab ride and the best morning ever. If we changed Phil's name to Fil, we could be KLF. Because it's always 3:00 AM somewhere...

angelica said...

personally i didnt see a point in telling anyone because i didnt think it would be of any interest, haha.

huntsmanic said...

dude, i just wanted to affirm: i love the two m's. really nice stuff. congrats on the new name; say hi to your associate for me.