Don't Cross the Shit Line Part 2: Girl Talk Et Al

scene: Market and Powell, 8am.

"Hey Mirans."

"Hey Rach. I'm fucking exhausted. Shit, where are my fucking keys? Hey, you don't see any water in there...do you?"

"Looks clear, girl."

"Sweet. Lemme get the door."

Mirans, who has found her keys, unlocks the door and the two girls enter a storefront on Market street. They get themselves settled, put some things away in thier lockers, and let the cleaning crew in the side door who have come to clean up from last nights devastation. The store has been flooding every day for five days now, but today, they are optimistic. In the back, Mirans opens the safe and retrieves a small change bank and two bank bags. She will count them in front while Rach walks the floor. She grabs her coffee on the way out, too.

"Rach, I slept an hour last night."

"Damn, girl! Did you go out?"

"Nope. I got in an argument with Seattle last night."

"Oh shit. What happened?"

"Girl, lemme fuckin' tell you, kay? No--let me fuckin' tell you. This is so not fucking fair, you know? Fuck this shit! Like, do you know what he said to me? No, Do you know what he said to me? He said...wait, what did he say? Shit girl I'm so tired."

"Hahaha! Girl, Whatever he said, it don't sound to good. You guys were on the phone all night?"

"No. Just 'til one, but then I couldn't sleep. I finally dozed off around five, and girl, I was still pissed when I woke up at six."


"No really though, it was fucked--like, all I was asking of him was like...you know. Like either fucking own up, or back down. One or the other. 'Cause come on, would you just let some guy that you were like...completely crazy for just continue to fucking fuck you while he actively looked for someone better than you because he's already pretty sure that person is not you? C'mon, would you?"

"Fuck no. No fucking way."

"Exactly, dude. That's all I was saying. I wasn't even really mad, I mean, you know. All things. Considered."

"Well, then what the fuck happened girl?"

"Then he kept feeding me some line about how very fucking dearly he loves me and crap and how he doesn't want to let me go and all this fucking bullshit...and you know what, Rach? Fuck all this shit. You know what we need? No, really. Do you know what we need?"


"We need to get laid. I'm serious. We need to be all like, fuck those fucking raggely-ass niggas, and fuck them and the fucked up ways they chose to fucking 'love' us. Fuck them always doing just enough to get the gine and never anything fucking else. Fuck it. And you know what, Rach? It's not even about the actual lay, dig? It's about the pursuit of the lay. It's about putting on some heels and your favorite panties, and it's about propping yourself on a barstool and reminding ourselves how fucking easy it is to get free beers and men's clothes off with but the choreography of our eyelashes and the artfull movement of the tips of our tongues on our bottom lips. That's what we need, Rachel, a fucking reminder. A reminder that these fuckin' trifling-ass-indecisive-children do have some fucking competition. A reminder that whether or not we want that shit, we don't fucking need that shit."

"Oh, fuck. You know where we should go?"

"Yup, sure do. Rich Black Guy Bar. That's us. This Friday. Seriously. And you know what?"

"Oh shit. What the fuck now, Miranda?"

"This isn't just about us. This shit is bigger than just us, Rach. This is for every girl that has been misjudged, marginalized and taken for granted. This is for every girl who fought for what she wanted and lost, and for every fucking girl who just needs to get back on the fucking saddle, visit thier own proverbial Rich Black Guy Bar, and ride fucking something all night long. Fuck yeah. Rich. Black. Guy. Bar."

"What's that place even called, anyway?"

"What, Rich Black Guy Bar?"


"Oh, girl. I have no fucking idea."


p.s.--I just got my sheets out of the dryer. They smell of dryer sheets and laundry detergent, and that is all. You proud?


angelica annette said...

LOLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Rach is such a liar on the "would you let some guy still fuck you" part and she knows it.

and im glad you finally washed your sheets.. i mean after awhile, thats just fucking sick.

love ya!

Anonymous said...

"if you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always gotten"