Post Sacramento Text-Messaging

Nick: Hey.

M: Hey.

N: Wanna have drinks and breakfast?

M: Wanna do my dishes?

N: No, but I'll bend you over your kitchen sink.

M: We can't fuck standing up, you're shorter than me.

N: So I'll take you on the couch and leaning out the window and on the floor.

M: That's probably a really bad idea especially considering I fly to Seattle on Sunday and my head is a mess and I'm transcribing this conversation onto my blog right now.

N: Ha, excellent. See you when you get back.


p.s.--I went to Marysville, CA today and found the best bar ever. As soon as Erica and I walked in, some guy bought us a pitcher of Budweiser. When I bought the next one, it was, get this: $3.75. $3.75. xo--M

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