Quips, hits, lists, and mowing the air.

Remember that little five item list I gave y'all a few days ago? Let's revisit it.

1. Let's come back to this one. We'll give it some time.

2. What the fuck did I tell you? I was already planning to go to SEA and PHX in July, but guess who coming to her little shitstorm hometown on the 30th? That's right, me. Little fucking Moxie Moure Is coming for three days and nights at the end of June. This is complete bullshit, by the way. It was also not my idea.

3. Well, I regret a lot of things. I regret getting so completely hammered on Thursday that I barely remember what happened, and I regret putting myself in the mindset that I should want to get completely shit cocked in the first place. Yes, I regret taking the 22 y/o home with me, and I regret being so wasted that I couldn't even, as Crys would say, "operate my vagina properly". What happened? Well, I remember making out, I remember taking off my fishnets, heels, favorite jeanskirt and boyshorts--then I think I fell. Or something. Then I remember saying something to the effect of: "Fine! I don't even care! I'm never going to love you! Yeah, yeah! I'm fucked in the head! I'm not asking for you to fix me, just fuck me!"
This was all with no pants on.
We decided it was best that he leave, so yes. I do regret it, but fuck him I did not.

4. Although 3 and 4 were supposed to happen sequentially, I think I can count 4 even if it happed before 3.

5. Beer and Linoleum. Yes. There has been that. Flexi straws? Check.

So...I promised 3 of 5, and I've delivered 3 1/2. You proud?

Oh, and a quick shout out to all the new readers of which, from what I can tell, only a couple of you are flat out internet stalkers. But hey, it comes with the territory. Plus, I mean--2 of 100? That's not so bad. That leaves 98 of you a day who aren't reading just to gather some ammunition for god knows what. Have you no idea I'm capable of ruining perfectly good things on my own?


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Big Rhyno said...

does that make me a stalker or a reader?

Keep it up Moxie ;-)