Bacon and T-Shirts: Mmm.

Subject: T-shirt you must have...
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Date: Thu, Jun 26, 2008 12:28 pm
To: "Miranda Moure" m@mmoure.com
You must get this T-shirt.

Sorry I didn't spend more time with you on Saturday. Scottie's girlfriend is gone for the summer and he just moved here from Berkeley. I think he was really lonely so I stayed.

Do you think you'll have any time in Seattle to stop at Archie McPhee's while you are in Seattle? I need 2 of these:

I hate that you won't be here for Pink Sat....


Finn MacCools? Dude, Jeremaiah used to work there. That's so funny.
Yes, I'm definitely putting Archie McPhee's on my list. I could use some new plastic crap, anyway.
That's not a joke, btw--I seriously love plastic crap. Almost as much as t-shirts and legwarmers, albeit not near as much as Cake.
I will be here for Pink Saturday though--but I have to pack that night and I open the next day so I can't really do anything. Not that I need another scar the size of a quarter adorning one of my knees, but I feel you. I'll never forget last year, haha.

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lisa said...

The t-shirt is for you (as I hear you play a mean skin flute). Have a great time; I miss and love you. And don't overthink things. I love the boy and you so ENJOY! Just enjoy...