ASSY: For the K in KLM, for bringing me a doorknob. Tits.

I am grateful in a way I cannot explain--meaning you had no reason to offer me what you did, unlike some people who owed me what they did not deliver. This means that I have no words. The L in KLM was right when she said you were a super hero.

For you, I offer just a snippet of the funniest thing I've ever seen while holed up in my apartment for three days.

Castlevania II was the first NES game I ever beat. I could insert some metaphore here about "beating my own obstacles" and the like, but mostly, I've just come to terms with the fact that I love the phrase "ass related", as in: "The last week has been ass related".

Love you big. See you when I get home.
For everyone else, I'm taking Lakricia with me, so expect the whole story soon.

p.s. to K--seriously, you are more awsome than I even knew. you were slick and immediate and unassuming in your response to me. i have a lot to learn, and welcome learning it from you. xo--M

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Keenan said...

The M in KLM-
Don't call me a hero, call me a friend. Friends are supposed to bring each other doorknobs, if they don't who the hell are they?

I love you, too
The K in KLM