On a scale of 1 to gay.

This will be quick tonight.

I have been here less than a week, and a routine is already forming in my head.

Monday mornings, Gavin's at the Buckaroo. Nights will find J-ru at the Duck.
Tuesday night, Gav's at the Buck and J-ru's at the Duck.
Wednesday's only J-ru's night.
Thursdays Lauren is at Loretta's.
Fridays Ben is at The Green Room.
Saturday's child has [not too] far to go, 'cause Lauren's at The Bar.
And Sunday's are Jackie's nights.

Rob texted me today, and it was so weird because I was like "I'm in Seattle on my way to go see Lauren at work" (Thursdays=Loretta's) and he was like "OMG! Kisses to both of you!" and I realized that it has been so long since the three of us all called SoBe our little fake plastic home, and I miss those days when we all had semi-regular hair and relatively few tattoos.

I was 21 when I met those two in Miami, and now we're...

Older. Maybe wiser.

Some days I think wiser.

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