Tuesday afternoon is never ending.

As I unpack, it feels like this stuff is multiplying. I swear to god, there's more shit here than when I started.

I was putting a rod in my closet today, and before I finally found a way to secure it, it fell down. Twice. With all of my shirts on it. Hmm. Deja vu.

Not that I really want to talk about the wall right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Lauren came over today. We spent a lazy afternoon hour drinking coffee and chain smoking ciggarettes. The sun came out for us, for that hour, and it felt much like the tuesday afternoons we'd spend by my pool in Miami drinking Bloody Mary's and working on our tans.

Tomorrow, I'll go over to studio and by a falafel from her. She's working on the truck tomorrow morning. And then, then will be the time when I have to make some sense of all of this--because it will have officially been a week since the papers didn't come.


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angelica said...

thanks for all the kitchen stuff! sorry i never got to say goodbye :( good luck up there.