For KL of KLM

K + L--

You know, there are so many times a day that I miss you guys, but today had to be one of the worst.

So there I was, at work, and one of my customers and I start up a conversation. Turns out he's playing a show tonight, and I can just feel an invite on the tip of his tongue, you know? That's when I remembered what it's like--the perk of being a barista--all the parties and shows and the like you you will invariably get to attend due to an invite from a customer. Often for free, should there be a charge.

"Where's it at?" This is me assuring the invite.

"Oh, you know that record store in Ballard right next to The Tractor? Yeah, it starts at nine."

"Oh, that's cool."

"Yeah..." wait for it... "you should come."

Man, I mean, that's what I loved about Cafe International, you know? And between the show tonight, and breakfast in the morning with another customer who lives down the street from me (weather and hangovers permitting, haha), it only took me a glance over to the tip jar to make me love my morning job. It's super chill.

You guys should be here. At least for a visit. It would make rainy days like today more palatable.

And hey--to think, if I didn't make coffee, I might not even know you guys.

Wonder who else I'll meet here, haha.


p.s.--The neighbors played a show last Wednesday at The Comet. We got totally smashed and went to Seattle's only Dyke bar. You guys really should have been there, it was right up KLM's alley.


Keenan said...

Hi, my name is The K in KLM. I don't live in any of those hill areas, but I live on a hill, and I have a single housemate- actually two, but she's not into chicks. I don't bother with getting to the LQ before 2, because I carry a flask so I'm always prepared. Not too prepared, because I don't want whiskey dick, since that makes it hard to do it doggy. This is the right post to reply to, right? It wasn't a joke was it?

lisa said...

M, you have no idea how much I miss you. SF blows w/o you. But before KLM reunite in Seattle, I thought Vegas was the plan? Unless you have great strip clubs in Seattle.....