"Let's fall in love and move to Montreal."

K + L--
Hey guys. Remember that show I was invited to a week or so ago? Funny story, 'cause on Saturday night, the lead singer of said band leaned across the table in the first hour of our first date and said to me the sentence that titles this post. The short version is, I said yes.

Okay, okay. It was a joke, yes. But 22 hours later when our first date was beginning to drag into infinity and he finally dropped me off at my house, it wasn't seeming like such a bad idea.

We went to the grocery store yesterday in anticipation of him cooking me dinner (don't even make fun of me right now) and as we're pulling into the parking lot, we had a brief but poignant conversation. Lisa, you especially will appreciate this. How many times have we spoke of the fact that there are many ways to arrive at the same conclusion? That, and I say this referring specifically to myself, that even though it may look like I'm incapable of allying myself to just one person, that I am. That I'm looking for that, I just don't want to find it the way most people do, and that's okay.

"Hey, Miranda?" He is sounding a bit tentative, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. A little.
"Yeah?" I returned the tentativeness.
"Hey, do you think--and I'm not really trying to infer anything by this, you know, about the two of us--but...I mean besides all of this interim fucking, I mean mine and yours and ours and everyones: are you the type of person that thinks that there's one person for you out there?"

And then I turned to face him and I smiled. And I was remembering that night in my elevator with Wood when I was pissed at myself for that one hard and definite "Yes" that escaped my lips, and I knew that I was excited rather than apprehensive to answer in the exact same manner this time.


There it was. A flat "Yes" with a period at the end, even. And I was glad to say it.

You were right Lis, they are out there.

Also, on a side note, he's spent a total of 10+ years on tour over the course of his life. What does that have to do with anything? Haha, just this--because besides the fact that I'm not supposed to be sleeping with musicians, I may have finally found my guy doppleganger. He's slept with almost twice as many people as me. Oh, and he's not in his twenties. You proud?

I am.

[p.s. to Angelica--DUDE: Chase, VIP and Dude are gonna be green with fucking envy when they find out who this guy is. Seriously, they are already jealous and don't even know it yet--and yes, by that I mean that they would go gay for this guy. Either that or they're just barely to young to be jealous. Either way, say hi to them for me. I miss them almost as much as I miss you.]


Keenan said...

Wait, this is Miranda, right? MIRANDAmiranda? Miranda Moure, the M in KLM? You met a guy that's almost at the 2 Century mark, you went on a DATE with him, he cooks for you, and you told him you could theoretically be monogamous, as in "Yes" with a period? My eyes are watering and I'm not cutting onions. Proud doesn't even begin to explain...

I love the crap out of you, and I don't mean santorum.


huntsmanic said...

shit. that's touching, mmoure. makes me smile.