Post 405: For Angelica

I got my vest today--I'm so stoked! Now I just gotta find my favorite t-shirt, and I'm all set. Kind of.


Wood and I are...hmm. Let's put it this way--he's FURIOUS with me right now. Know that Craig's List post you [and everyone] laughed so hard at? Yeah, he, apparently, did not think it was so funny.

I just needed a break, you know? Moving is hard, and I just needed some time to settle and recover and whatnot. Clear my head. Not have him...fuck. This is the fucked up part. He's gonna read this.

That being said, I'm trying. I swear. I'm amazing and congenial when we run into each other at the bar and the like, and I try my best not to talk shit about him when he's not around. Well, okay. I do--I have. But I feel at least like I have both redeemed him and myself before the conversation's over. Fine. You got me. I'm rationalizing the situation to suit my own purposes.

My friend Skinny Mike's going away party was tonight. I got to The Duck, and my bartender Jeremiah was all like "Omigod, Miranda," and I was like "What?"

"So there I was," J-ru was saying, "hanging out on my family's farm [in Yakima], and what do I find? this huge stack of wood cut out letters."

"Wait," I said, "was there an M?"

"Yeah, dude. It's like three feet high. My car was full, but next time I go, I'm bringing it back for you. You'll have to sand it and repaint it, but dude, it'll look killer with your M collection."

That's what I'm here for. Don't get me wrong, I love Wood to death, but I'm here for my boys and my girls and my studio that I'm at right now and all of my new jobs, and I'm here for all of the reasons that don't necessarily include him.
I'm here to build my long term friendships. To write more. To get more and more and more and even more M's.

I'm doing my best. Is it so bad that my best isn't good enough for him right now? I hope so.

I miss you and Chase. Especially every time I'm fucking the neighbor whose name is Chase.

That is true, by the way.


angelica said...

JESUSSSSSS.... your fucking a guy named chase!!!!?? hahaha! im glad you got your vest! sounds like stuff is intense up there but i think all the new things coming your way are going to be great. i have been looking for some a's to hang on my wall (i totally copied you) and i cant find SHIT! and if i do find something, its like $50 bucks in a store.... these people gotta be crazy.

BTW, saw mindy & her boyfriend walk by Juicy the other day.

huntsmanic said...

you're fucking a guy named chase? man alive; might have to get the boat out and party on it too.