"I'll fall asleep, and you'll fall in love."

Today at work one of my regulars, Jeff, came in.

He asked what I did over the weekend, and I said that Jesus Christ I had an awesome fucking weekend.

"Really?" he said, "What'd you do?"

Thanks to my favorite of the Myricks clan, I had completely forgotten the events of Friday night when I answered.

"Oh, dude--I hung out with my Niece."

"You spend quite a deal of time with her, don't you?" he asked, and I smiled. I talk about her at work often.

"As much as I can."


1. Sunday found Lex and I digging through a candy dish in my Sister's closet looking for her car keys. We found them. She is in Denver for another week. Sweet. We then decided that this week would be LM/MM Week '08. Awesome.

2. Hmm. What now? Beth's, of course. For Rice's last shift. I have never in my life seen Lex's eyes light up as much as they do around him--but I guess that makes sense, you know? Rice can make just about anyone feel special. I guess his powers are not void on 16 y/o's. The title of this post was supplied by him in fact, and it was said to my Niece. That's right--my Niece, not me. I almost lost it--it was one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life. This isn't to say that I didn't get half-heartedly propositioned in advance for the night of his going away party: "We got nine days left, baby! Let's do this!"

3. Turned out once it started to get dark that my sister's headlights don't work too well, so we grabbed Noelle's car to drop Kim off at home. We found out that I-5 between Shoreline and Lynnwood is just enough time to blast Toxic on repeat 4 times.

4. I was devestatingly bored at the tail end of work today, and texted Ben to see if he'd come in with the boys and entertain me for a while. They did come by, in record time, in fact. After some chatting about last night's Family Guy and other assorted witty banter, it was time for Sean to get to School. "Miranda, we're out. I'm getting out of work around...7? I'll call you?"

Then the funniest thing came out of my mouth, and I hadn't quite realized what I had said until it was out and settled for some time and sounding as if my "divorce" from my realatives had left me with pre-arranged scheduled visits with Lex.

"You know what, I have the girls tonight."

5. I picked them up from school today. First we played the "Miranda is picking Lex up from school song", TSR. Then we played our song, No More Tears. Then we listened to Toxic on repeat 4 or 5 more times, then back to No More Tears. We let that album play for a while, and somehow because of a story about a ciggarette and a clump of Kim's hair coming out or something, we decided that the first track is now our song too: because We Can Laugh at Danger and Break All the Rules [which has also been dubbed one of our songs now], because we can Rejoice even when our hair smells like burning. If you're smelling a "This Will Not Kill Your Braincells Vol. 2", you can rest assured that we are likely doing the same. It's in the works.

6. I brought them to studio to work on a project with me. We got about half done, and ran out of smokes.

7. I have tomorrow off of LM/MM Week '08. I'm gonna sleep my ass off to prepare for the slumber party on Wednesday.

Tonight we were standing on a street corner by her highschool, and Lex made a comment about how I had changed my last name, and our plans to get matching "M" tattoos on her 18th birthday.

"You know, I'm probably more like Ran than anyone else in my family," she said, and I'll insert here that when one of my relatives refers to "Ran", that is me, "I might as well just change my name to Moure too."

It sounds nice, you know? The 18 and 29 y/o Moure's, a year and a half from now, rampaging around the country and the world, boarding trains in Belgium and driving cars in Georgia, breaking hearts, taking names, writing it down and drowning it in cheap beer and pricey bourbon. It sounds romantic in that vintage sense that doesn't involve romance. It sounds near perfect.

The only problem is that I want things for her than I didn't have. I thought I could find everything I was missing all over the globe, but here I am, in my hometown with her, she being the thing I was really missing this whole time.

This is too big a topic for tonight. Plus, I've already written extensively on this. On a side note to avid readers/texters/MySpacers/callers: Sunday night went swimmingly. Just as planned; and even through all the "wait, aren't you right handed?" jokes circulating at my/others expense right now, I held my tongue enough not to beat a dead horse, with either hand no less.


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