Two boys, one singular idea of illiterative initials.

[note left on door]

Shit! I missed you guys again. I probably wont be able to stop back by again tonight [even though I did, three more times, haha] but B, I would be your best friend if you could drop my phone charger off at my work tomorrow. Thx big.

[conversation in my hallway with CC]

"Dude, I didn't mean it to happen that way." --MM

[late morning pillow talk]

"Oh my god, I haven't slept like that in...days. And days. Maybe two weeks." --MM
"Then keep here in mind if you ever need to...you know. Sleep." --CC

[today, at work]

"Hi! My god! I'm sorry, I've been in Portland." --BB
"Oh my god. Thanks for my phone charger. I didn't know you had left it and got it today. It's been days. How are you?" --MM
"Good. Oh, hi. Hi." --BB

[And then when I pulled back from a hug and my palms were involuntarily brought to his cheeks and there is me, at the end of my bar holding his face in my hands, and I realized that I don't think I had ever done that to him before, and that Etta and I have quite a lot in common even when I am concious of making the same mistakes as she. Didn't Mark and I just speak of this on Friday? Yes, it was Friday, the same day we had lunch and came up with a handful of tentative titles for this post that we're all some version of "Two ______, one ______", and we also dove into the Three Rules of Etta, that are described already in D: All of the Above. But do not confuse palm cradling of anything to fall under B) Touch Him, as it should be clear that rule #2 is much more lascivious than that. No, face cradling falls under rule #1, or A) Tell Hal He's Awesome because the whole point of rule #1 is that we can, as women, be forgiven for inordinate amounts of care when the (verbally) expressed pretext is strictly platonic. That is why, when CC found MM walking BB to his car, MM, because she had expressed platonicism (be that true or no), was granted the right via The Three Rules of Etta to throw her arms around his neck to congratulate him on a promotion. Then today I have a similar response--an overly physically affectionate "platonic" gesture, the face/palm cradling, to celebrate BB's return from Portland--but this time I am struck that I am doing it while it's happening. And then, at work, I realized the last and final rule that I'm not sure I'd let myself realize until now. Feeling affection may be happenstance, but care is willful. If you're not catching what I'm throwing here, then let me break it down some more: expressed platonicism differs from actual platonicism. I'm as serial as a chainsaw, the pillow talk I had on Sunday, and this. Okay, maybe not that, as that's clearly a joke.]


[p.s.--yes, it's true. that part about me having my phone charger back. oh, and level-of-tiredness-willing, responses to new CL ad posted tomorrow]

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huntsmanic said...

fantastic. glad to have the rules of etta out in the lexicon. it's interesting how being aware of a quirk of behavior---having articulated said quirk---doesn't change things, in terms of action, but makes the whole thing bigger.