For Angelica

The New Adventures of Chase and Chase: The Rather Quite Chronicles

by: Chase Moure

Dedicated to Chase Arents in the Style of Chase Collum

This just in: Local celebrity Rather Quite, best known as longtime evening news broadcaster but also dabbles in AIDS research, was found this evening spinning around in circles mid mild traffic on the corner of Airport Way and South Lucille in naught but his boxers. Witnesses attest that he is most likely suffering from a crippling cocktail of mental illness and alcohol. Judy Box, local artisan and Georgetown resident who witnessed the incident quoted him screaming through a rolled-up newspaper that he fashioned into a makeshift bullhorn: "Call me Punky Brewster again and I'm gonna show you who's gonna read the fuckin' news! Me, goddamnit! I'm gonna read you the fuckin news!"

[italics mine.]


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angelica annette said...

im so confused. did you make this up? lol