NaNoWriMo '08: Excerpt.

So at my birthday party, there was some talk that, due to my new monogamous relationship (yes, that I am in. seriously.) that I have come a long way from my manifesto. I was thinking about this coming into the inagural days of NaNoWriMo, and wanted to begin on that note.

To answer all of your pre-emptive questions, yes. I am behind. Already. I am, however, trying furiously to catch up and no, this is not one of my procrastination techniques of which I have many. Trust.

By day, as he has told me, he spends his long hours penning short songs that pull the heartstrings of his audiences. In the evening, should a venue present itself, he will perform them, and in this wake people swoon and buckle to his inklings. Couples will glance to each other during a refrain and see each other as they have not before and friends lean to grasp each other’s hands. A verse might bring about a roving eye from a single lad that lands upon a deserving maid who, unbeknownst to her, has already in his mind been qualified as the one. A hook might bring a tear to a woman’s eye that misses a loved one overseas.

I believe him when he tells me of this though I have never seen it, because this is what I want for myself. I want my pen and I to elicit such response, to bring tears and love and anger and all manner of such vibrant emotion. I want people to ache to hear what I have to say; I want to be the one to speak of the queues of people just wanting to catch a glimpse, a note. A word.

I have another 300 words today just to catch up from yesterday. If you're not currently calculating and breaking this down in your head, then I will say it plainly for you--

I have another 2000 words to write. Today.

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