The New Adventures of Chase and Chase: The Rather Quite Chronicles, Part II

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After a long week of writing and drinking cheap local beer, local celebutante and wannabe novelist Clever-Ann "Chase" Rhymes, best known for her longtime on-and-off relationship with King 5 evening news broadcaster, Rather Quite, is apparently, quote: "exhausted." Rhymes goes on to say: "You know what? This is fucking ridiculous. Yeah, I know, my name's fucking Clever for chrissakes," Rhymes expounds through the intoxication, "but at least it's not fucking Punky. Or fucking Rather. I mean, dude...Rather? What the fuck kind of name is that? Damn, bitch, I'm fuckin' tired." Rhymes estimates she'll eventually get some sleep sometime in December, although she elaborates that it is not guaranteed if, quote: "Rather keeps reading me the fucking news all hours of the goddamn night. Ha ha," she said laughingly.

[italics, again, mine.]

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