RE: Who are you these days?

from: ["Alan Stevenson" astevenson@sbcglobal.net]
sent --- 9:14:54, 01.10.09
to: ["m moure" m@mmoure.com]


Nice post. Seems you're back to your old self, in a way anyway. I mean, hey, if you can't air his shit on the internet, how about dear old Alan's? You still haven't addressed, however, the intent and original question in all of my e-mails: when can we sit down and talk? I feel a post-November recap is in order; you're sitting on a treasure chest of new work and have shared relatively little. Don't I deserve first dibs?

But hey, yeah. I'm not gonna lie--I do want to know who this man is. He did something no one else could. I couldn't do.

And I think I tried.


from: ["m moure" m@mmoure.com]
sent --- 10:54:15, 01.10.09
to: ["Alan Stevenson" astevenson@sbcglobal.net]


January 21st. One month before my Blogoversary, and the day after the inauguration. Deal? In return, I'm gonna need you to get the fuck off my case and out of my inbox for a while. You're not even real, for chrissakes.

And fine. Fine. I will give you one of three, just to seal the deal. But that's it--don't expect more in a couple weeks.

In the grand tradition of Mr. Perfect and The Sportsmaster...

He calls it The Lion King.

Happy now?

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