Resolute: Part 2.

I haven't picked any resolutions yet, so I decided to make a list of things I'm thankful for since I never did it at Thanksgiving. Let's go ahead and go with 5, because the Robbin's I'm currently reading is dwindling in pages and next I'll likely re-read High Fidelity. Not that you need to know what I'm currently reading.


1. Wet Seal 2 for $10 wife beaters.

I can never have enough lyer tanks, and I love these. I am thankful that they are just good enough to wear and yet exceedingly cheap. When they catch a snag or reveal a new hole, they then guiltlessly meet the trash can. I mean, fuck it! They're five fucking dollars.

2. Painted Label Longnecks.

There are four left in my fridge. I am reffering to Rolling Rock, by the way. I am a terrible label peeler, and these beers leave me to more productive terrible habits while I'm drinking. Like biting my nails.

3. The snow is gone.

That one needs no explanation. The day it finally started melting, I almost started believing in god.

4. Black Flats.

Okay, duh. Of course I love every last pair of my black flats, but I never realized exactly how much until the snow melted. It is here that I might add that the pointy ones have a special place in my heart.

5. Our table at Loretta's.

New Year's Eve found us at Loretta's in South Park, which I think is my absolute favorite bar in the world. After ordering, I was nonchalantly informed that "our table" was open. Our table. I haven't had one of those since Angel's on Broadway closed, which, if you are a fellow Seattleite, you will know was a very long time ago.

In closing and in preparation for a most auspicious evening, I's like to end with a quote from the Myricks Family Themesong which I may or may not hear live tonight, setlist depending.

I give a fuck you to my father for not raising me
and I give a finger to my [brother] who was beating me
and I give props to myself for acheiving.

That is how I learned how to survive.

Goddamn I am surprised that I survived.


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