For, um..."Andrew".

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know where Jeremiah is tending bar these days: nowhere. But fret you not, that will all change in 3-4 weeks when the Pillager's Pub opens on 87th and Greenwood. J-Ru will be the General Manager there. I will also be there busy warming a barstool all the way from Rainier Valley.

You can friend him if you are so inclined, and he'll likely post a bulletin about the grand opening.

And dude...who are you? I've already called like...five people to try and figure out which Andrew you are.



Anonymous said...

Miranda, I am one of a group of guys that would come into the Duck every other Tuesday after running. Jeremiah made that place and we were upset when the new GM there was pissy with us about even asking where Jeremiah was. Thanks for the low down on the Pillager's pub. We will likely see you in there once they open.

Thomas said...

Hello, I just want to tell you that what you have written in your profile is nonsense. „Berliner” is capitalized regardless of whether it refers to a person or a jelly doughnut.

Anonymous said...

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