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from: ["Alan Stevenson" astevenson@sbcglobal.net]
sent --- 9:18:54, 01.22.12 to: ["miranda moure" m@mirandamoure.com]

I check your blog every few months, and I was more than surprised to see several new posts recently. I'm happy for you yet I'm indifferent; I'm dumfounded as to why you've waited so long. It's been so long! And I am not exactly delighted nor saddened--I'm really just straight up moved. How long have we been telling you to revisit this? Have you even taken the time to consider who you were without this semi-daily outlet?

Can we speak again? I mean, I know. We're even farther from each other than last time we spoke, but how are we? You still owe me a post inauguration recap, and I think I deserve it still.

I heard about Huntsman--I mean, no. I didn't hear. I gathered, and I asked [him], and I, as I assume you also did, felt the weight of his departure from your life and from your writing--and I know that this is weird. I fully understand that there is obviously a much huger situation happening right now, but I also know that we, together, we never knew of Chase. That just wasn't our thing. We never spoke of him together and I fear that by not mentioning Hunts' departure from your...well, everything, then we'll really be negating the last few years when what I'm really trying to do is recapture it.

But you get this, right? I think I am right from what I'm gathering from this is that there is an old/new illicit boy that you're..."entertaining".

Am I included?
I miss you.
A lot.

All my love from Grace Cathedral Hill,

p.s.-- Call late. Haha. That's so old school.

[edit per MM: Ironically, my Blogoversary is a month from today. I will not fare the same fate as I did 3 years ago.]

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