Happy, Happy VD.

I had a huge post planned--

I mean huge. I mean research and a hypothesis that would have been cleverly hidden in a narrative with a tight and sturdy moral at the end. And then I got sick.

I LOVE love, and I particularly love Valentines day. I was going to make little Valentines for my former coworkers at the gallery and text all my friends and put on a red dress and make a bunch of people dinner.  I even had the day off today! But those plans, like some other plans, were deftly thwarted today by a crafty little virus.

But lo! There is something very auspicious that cannot be taken from me today! Today, February 14th, St. Valentines Day, is exactly 4 weeks from my last gyno appointment.

This means that I DO NOT HAVE CANCER, nor do I have HPV, nor do I any other vaginal malady that Chase may have seen fit to give me. And I am so, so, very ready for this day.

But I am sick, so the Graphic Designer with the headphones will have to wait, as will the brunette with the pigtails, and the curly haired art installer. Even the tall Brazilian scientist will have to wait a few days to see my Brazilian.

See? SEE HOW I DID THAT THERE? I'm still pretty clever on Nyquil, haha.

More soon.

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