The Plan in the grass.

There has been a lot of buzz lately, so I thought we could have a little chat about Planned Parenthood.

If I was able to take a poll mid-post I might consider asking y'all which you'd like to hear first, the facts, or the anecdotal stories. I don't have the luxury, so let's start with the facts.

The most accurate statistics I can find are supplied are from 2008, but I think it will prove my point.
This is how they spend their funds:

35%:  Contraception for men and women including hormonal and non hormonal birth control, emergency contraception, tubal ligation and vasectomy. This also includes the handy device that lives inside my uterus: The Almighty Copper Intra Uterine Device. Amazeballs.

34%:  STD/STI prevention, screening, and treatment. These are the people that make sure someone is able to treat their STI's before they can give them to you. Every person in this world should be grateful for this. Even me. Especially me.

17%:  Cancer screening, largely for the breast and cervical varieties, although Planned Parenthood has had their well endowed hand (no pun intended) in catching melanoma. If you think any of these cancers are no big deal, you need only speak to someone who has lost somebody to them. Now that I think about it, I don't need to explain cancer. It already evokes a visceral and scary response in Americans and otherwise.

10%:  Women's fertility issues like prenatal care, infertility counseling and treatment, and pregnancy testing. Now, come on. This is good old fashioned breeding here--can anyone really get down on that? No, wait. That's not an invitation to get down on breeding in my comment section, because the decision to have a child is a personal decision, which brings me to...

4%:  Abortions and other services. I lumped these two together because they were so small. This would include pregnancy termination services, social work, and refferals to outside adoption agencies.

When I was...26? I got my period three times in three weeks. I had health insurance, but my history of not having health insurance left me in a position of not knowing anywhere else to go but Planned Parenthood.   They found a handful of benign polyps in my uterus, and five days later they scraped them all out. TMI? Maybe. But I can tell you that I was frightened beyond belief to go anywhere else and had they not existed, I might have waited to see someone until I...well, expired. And yes, it was getting that dangerous, or so they told me. I was about three weeks away from getting some sort of possibly fatal infection apparently.

After my surgery, a nurse came over to me in recovery and held my hand for an hour. She asked who was picking me up? Who was taking care of me while I would be recovering? I told her a cab, and no one--I lived alone in downtown SF, and would be recovering alone. She wrote her phone number on a tiny slip of paper and slipped it into my bag, just in case. Just in case I needed to talk.

I feel like I have already spoke of what they have done for me recently, and feel like I should wait another week or so (results still pending) to fully recap.

I can guarantee you, however, that this organization, these women and men, these people that save and enlighten and embolden lives routinely are worth saving. I would wager that most people reading this have a similar story within zero or one degree of separation of them.

I know that there are many people out there that are pro-life, whatever those terms mean anymore, and to you I say that these people are fighting for you to--these are the men and women that support happy and healthy families, wonderful pregnancies, empowered men and women. We are all on the same page.

We simply want everyone to have the same opportunities at a happy, healthy life.
These people do more than most to make sure that happens.

Please, donate here.


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