Exes in the Inbox.

Is it something in the air? It's this early NE spring I think, that's making all my exes text and email me this week. It's not just ex boyfriends--but all kinds of exes--friends, coworkers, paramours--and they're calling from all over the country and right here in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Funny that the sunshine would make them...reflective, maybe? The sun seems to make me even more happy to be single in that it also tends to make me happy to be alone. I love being alone, especially when it's nice out and I don't have the inconvenience of a partner to file behind while taking long walks on concrete. I like to walk fast. Not a lot of people walk as fast as me.

I love living alone too, but sometimes my apartment seems too expansive and I tend to hole myself up in my bedroom which is the smallest room in my house. Sometimes I sit in the living room and pretend I still live in SF, and that this one room is my whole apartment and my bed fits just so in the closet and I'm chain smoking near the window with my iBook (oh, I miss Lakricia I) on my lap. 

But now I have this huge apartment with one too many rooms and Lakricia V and I are trying to make sense of this recent ex-plosion, especially mid so much purging. The San Franciscans, however, are easy to reconcile--is there a single SFer I wouldn't welcome a ring from here in New York?

Enter the slight but fashionable Nick Douglas whom I was introduced to many moons ago by the Ninja faction of Team Tenderloin. There he is! Right in my inbox! Yet another San Franciscan who has resurfaced in the frozen (thawing?) north. Among topics like "when are we both free to hang out" and "why is my nickname Ferguson", he also shot me this question which took me by surprise:

Sounds from your blog like you've gone through hella lot since then...now I'm trying to find any mention of me in it. Did I ever earn one?

This is hilarious to me, as Nick, who graces the pages of IAAJD as "Other Nick the Writer", is mentioned more than a handful of times and in fact is responsible for deposing the post about Bryan "I love you, no wait, that's gross, I don't love you" Kreiger and securing the title of the number one most quoted post in the entire history of my blog. This is not an exaggeration by the way, and for proof one needs look no farther than Keenan's comment on a post I wrote last week.

The post? Oh, it's this one. And Nick, it's our very, very favorite.

And by favorite, I mean doggy.


Nick Douglas said...

For the record, the regrettable "hella" was ironic.

Miranda Moure said...

I say "hella" ALL THE TIME, sans irony, as I'm a born and bred west-coaster. I also still say "sike", and before you ask, yes, I prefer that spelling. --M