Hello Daddy, Hello Mom.

Just a quick note as I have a huge post in the works which simply isn't done yet. Actually there are two. Posts that aren't done, not quick notes.

 For those of you who have been following my recent pregnancy test addiction spurned by my period not arriving for over 6 weeks, you'll be pleased for me to know that my period finally came. Just in time to go to the doctor and fuck up another urinalysis.

 I had actually made a doctors appointment about this, and was lucky enough today to be able to call and cancel. Lucky too that I won't have to look a 23 y/o kid in the face and explain to him that he's going to be a father. Lucky I don't have to shake and white-knuckle it through another e.p.t. since I've already done it 3 times.

 Oh, intrauterine device: I should have never doubted you. You may be my favorite thing in the world.

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