Yes, I know you're expecting The Purge: Part 2, but this takes precedent for now. That's a lie, I'm just struggling with that post.

I went to the doctor [again] today, this time for a medical appointment rather than the usual psychological. I'm having a very hard time with the results of this.

I was convinced that I had gained weight, maybe as much as 10 pounds, but apparently I'm just getting more and more used to the size of my body because I actually lost six pounds, and am down to 126. Thankfully there's a filmmaker on the horizon that promises to make me eat, which may or may not help. We'll see. And please, don't ask me about him quite yet.

I feel like a list is in order, and this may be the perfect time as my doctor handed me quite the hefty one today of tests that I must return and have performed on Thursday morning. Enjoy.

1. Lipid panel
2. Rheumatoid Factor, Quant (KCH)
3. Syphilis Ab, Total w/rflx to R
4. T3 Resin Uptake (KCH)
5. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, 3
6. Thyroxine Level, Total (KCH)
7. Triiodithyronine Level, Total
8. Anti-Nuclear Antibody w/reflex t
9. Basic Metabolic Panel
10. HIV-1, HIV-2 Screen Ab w/rflx (Don't freak out, this is a follow up test to a previously negative test.)
11. Hemoglobin A1C (Quest)
12. Hemogram Auto Diff w/rflx to M

Wish me luck. I HATE needles.

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