Color Me Bad.

So some of you may know or have read of my newfound superstition regarding my chosen colors of nail polish. I'm now over two months completely off black, and after experimenting with every color in the rainbow (save purple, I hate purple), I think I may be that much closer to picking a favorite.

Let's recap, shall we?

Pink. Hot Pink.
I love hot pink. Walls, roses, and of course, nail polish. The one I have is shockingly bright yet dark--more like hot raspberry. It's Awesome. I put this one on within a week or so of kicking Chase out of my apartment, and since then this color has stood for my independence, for pounding concrete, for being single. For flirting and fun and for daydreaming of pretty boys and girls. It hasn't yet let me down.

Lime Green.
It had just started to warm up in the city, I was just starting back at Gallery, and I was thinking often of the boy who I went out with a couple of times and realized I wouldn't be able to handle for a while. This was when lime green came into my life and made me see that I had some serious work to do. Lime green is for lists, calendars, schedules, and for putting yourself ahead of any [potential] partner.

Kelly Green.
I was starting to feel much better by the end of March. I had started gaining some weight and had had enough weeks of my heavy and hectic schedule under my belt to know how to handle it. I bought this color to wear at a small dinner party I threw at my apartment. Attendees? San Franciscan's Bianca and Sally, Miamian Rob, neighbor/coworker/partner-in-crime Amber, and Keil who I had not seen in six weeks. This color...wow. Really, this one is one of my faves. For reconnecting, for maintaining, for old and new times and for unrestrained laughter. I wore this to Philly and PA as well, so maybe it's also for new tattoos.

Yellow is for nothing but to sort my shit. I put on this color and went through all my paperwork, paid all my bills, changed several numbers in my phone to Do NOT Answer, Never in a Million Years, and No, Miranda, No. Yellow left me surrounded with nothing in the inboxes but pure, guiltless pleasure.

This one got purchased along with razors, bikini wax, face masks and moisturizers, eybrow gel, and nail polish remover. This color was part of a pre-planning-to-be-naked ubergroom that was seriously one of my all time faves. A good ubergroom is restorative, you know? In fact, I may do that tonight. Turquoise, as I mentioned on Facebook that day, is for "perfect sunny weather, lazy shifts, bacchanalia, and the company of handsome men," and garnered me the compliment: "hot pedicure." 

Ahh, orange. I picked this one up in my hometown, put it on, and then wrote an Open Letter to my favorite ex. He was in my bed the morning that I bought it, and I needed something...palate cleansing. It didn't exactly work. I was in his bed by Monday night, and in his car on Tuesday morning, and at the airport shortly after. Let's call orange...nostalgic. In a calculated way. Orange is for goodbyes and long lost loves and old best friends and unbroken promises.

Dark Red.
I needed to think. To figure out what I was capable of. Dark red did that, it made me realize exactly what I wanted. Maybe it made things too clear. I put this on and I gambled. And then I lost. Dark red is for when you need the balls to take a risk.

Grey isn't exactly black, and yet it's not exactly not black, and maybe that's why I put it on before my Pink Weekend Bender and proceeded to lose my fucking mind. But, in my defense, I planned on going a little nuts last weekend, but I didn't plan on making the exact same mistake I made with black toes. Oh well. Grey is for...new beginnings that can't start any way but with a bang.

But now?

Now it's summer! It's officially summer and most days are beautiful. I am struck by the sky everyday, I leave the house without a jacket and dance until dawn. I am single and free...

...and I am Red.
I am bright candy-apple red. I am gingham dress on the Boston Bridge red. I am bright capital letter M on my wall red. I'm ready to start over red, I'm Salt Water Sandals red, I'm fruit of knowledge red, I'm Wheedle on the Needle red, I'm 99 balloons red and I'm genius waitress Ellen Cherry-Charles' hair red. Red is for summer! It's classic and perfect and shiny, and I can't wait to see it's returns.

Until then.

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