Girl on Girl: Post All Nighter Text Messaging.

M: I just found this on my mirror and now I want to die.

A: Oh no! :((((((

M: I hate myself for this, I feel like a tool. If I wasn't so fucking hungover I'd work on a project to get my mind off it, LOL.

A: Why do you feel like a tool?

M: Because I'm all vagina-y and sad.

A: :(((((

M: And this guy on OKC said I had pretty feet. Eeeeewwww.

A: Hahahahahaha return of the foot fetish boys.

M: That sounds like a book, LOL.

A: The scariest RL Stine-esque novel you will ever read *shudders*

A: We talk like boys, all we need are beers and farting contests and BOOM, masculinity secured.

M: HAHAHA. Tru dat.

M: Except that I'm just a girl, standing in front of a microwave, waiting for this hot pocket to be done.

A: lollllll

M: This shit is hilarious. I'm posting it.



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