I'm just a girl, standing in front of a microwave, waiting for my Hot Pocket to be done: Part 2

[Some more OKCupid hilarity. Enjoy.]

After spotting your page I've come to conclusion that you couldn't actually REALLY be from new york. You just don't seem to fit the profile! Serious question, did you JUST move here?

No, I'm not. Nor do I say I am. In fact, I explicitly say in my profile that I routinely pick up and move to different states often, and have another city tattooed around my left bicep which you can see in one of my pictures. Women hate it when you don't pay attention, so if you'd like to meet one, I suggest you do so. 

Aaah! Well I'm into photography... and sometimes I pick up on little things. See most native new yorkers give off a more wound up or uptight energy. You can see it in the tightness of their shoulders, and even their jaws! But the vibe I get from you is more welcoming... you have a relaxed, real friendly thing going on. This could mean many things... I just took a wild guess about not really being from NYC. But then again, pictures can lie... so you could totally be the one kicking ass and causing a ton of trouble ;-)

Welcoming? Are you serious? You wrote me two sentences and I blew you off. The part that is killing me is that you then wrote BACK to me extolling on your ability to intuit. Well dude, your intuition is 0 for 2, because I am way too jaded to be welcoming or relaxed. No, I wasn't made for New York, but it was made for me. This city was born for me to live in it and waited patiently and expectantly for me to arrive. Her streets shook when I came above ground in Midtown for the first time, and she sings for me everyday to kick ass and take names. Which I do. Trouble fears me, so if I didn't cause it, I wouldn't even know what it looks like. 

[11:28pm edit]

Lol well okay buddy, I guess I was only half right then haha! But hey, quick favor... cuz you seem like perfect person to give point of view on something I've been wondering about. From female perspective... skinny jeans on men: is that sexy or not so much?

Dude, are you serious with this? I'm not your buddy, nor do I have any interest in doing you any favors. I already gave you free advice that you haven't even followed. Do I know whether skinny jeans on dudes are hot or not? Yeah, I do. I could teach you, but I'd have to charge.

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