Late Night SEA-BK Text Messaging.

M: Somebody is Googleing the shit out of you again. Miss you.

A: I blame you and your blog...but I miss you too.

M: Ha! My blog is the only reason you're finding out ;)

A: Shouldn't you be asleep?

A: And nice to know you're keeping track of me.

M: I was asleep, but then my ex texted me. And I don't keep track of you, my site tracker does. I just bother you whenever I want because I'm entitled to.

A: Still sounds like you're keeping track of me...

M: I don't need the internet to keep track of you, especially since you're painfully ungoogleable. That's how I always know when someone's doing it. Go ahead. Google yourself. I'm the first or second hit.

A: Um...okay.

M: Don't get all pissy with me! You know full well I keep track of you in person. Not that it does any good, you're prolly out peeing on sombody's motorcycle as we speak.

A: No, just putting bananas in the tailpipe. Or maybe my penis.

M: Putting bananas in your penis or your penis in a tailpipe? Both sound dangerous. I'm pulling rank for a veto on this one.

A: Fine. Since I understand that your concerned about my penis, then I'll be more careful with it.

M: *you're. And shouldn't you want to be concerned about your penis for your own sake? How do you ever intend on impregnating this girl you're supposed to be finding with your dick in a tailpipe? Your Mom is gonna be pissed.

M: On a side note, I care about YOU a great deal more than your penis. Nite.


p.s.--I think this might be a prelude to an Exes in the Inbox: Part 2, but I think I'm ovulating right now so I need to make sure that a real story is happening instead of it being an invention of my hormones. Stay tuned.

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