NYCD: An introduction to 2013.

[Greetings from Georgia! I've finally cemented the tracklist and NYCD2013 is almost done. You can expect this to be listenable by Rob and Meg's birthday which is, if you don't know them, January 31st. But I've made you wait so long already that I thought y'all deserved a bit of a preview. Enjoy.]

Hey dudes,

I've forgotten how we usually do this. Does that word apply? Usually? Maybe that's not quite the right word to describe an activity I haven't participated in several years. I'm not really sure where to start, so I guess we'll begin with the why.

Why now? It's been years! And suddenly out of the blue I decided to make this again? Well, basically, yeah.

By New Years Day 2012 I had managed to, in practice, erase the previous three and a half years from my history--meaning that I simply reversed my person and became who I was before Labor Day weekend '08. I instantly quit participating in every activity that I had become accustomed to and eliminated every habit I had picked up, and the last year has seen me adding back to those habits selectively.

I thought I should try adding this, too.

I think this is what we used to do, right? When things have been hard, when we'd lost sight of our dreams, when we needed some inspiration: we'd set it to a soundtrack and workshop our lives through our headphones. We'd drive into the sunset with a specific album playing. We'd insist on a specific track before boarding a flight. We could decide, unanimously yet without speaking, what song was required of a nearby jukebox and sing every single word together when our selection finally plays.

Ten, right? That's how many points we used to go over before this starts?

1. Way back in '02 when this started I used to give songs to people. Then in '05, for seemingly no reason, I changed it and made it chronologically. In '04 there was a two disc set. '03 was late, remember? Really late. If I remember correctly it came out after Valentines day. So next year, how will we remember this one in the pages of NYCD2014? Well, I don't know if we will. I'm not a fortune teller, guys. I may never do this again. Or I might do this forever. Again.

2. I used to use this time to warn people that they may not want to take a song literally lest they take something the wrong way. I don't think this really applies this year. As far as I can remember every song save one was assigned for content rather than occasion, and even that song's lyrics probably apply to the story. God, that's a really good song actually, it's one of my favorite covers of all time. It will also mark the very first time that I have included a song by someone I know personally; I've certainly dated enough musicians for this to surprise even me.

3. More than once I've used NYCD as a conduit to help rectify some rift in my circle of friends. Just to be clear, I don't do that anymore. If you're reading this and think that seeing that there's a NYCD this year might be a sign that I've decided to reconnect with you or forgive you or something--before you get your hopes up, that's almost certainly not the case. The exception might be that you're one of my exes and I would like to speak to you in 2013 to continue my Exes in the Inbox series. That being said that's not really the point of NYCD, but it would be a happy accident.

4. It has just occurred to me that there are a lot of you out there who have no idea what this is or how important it has been to some of us or why it's so spectacular that it's returned this year. Welcome to NYCD. It's been six years since I've done this, and this will be the sixth one I've made. It might be the last. It might not. But I can tell you definitively that there once was a time where my entire circle of friends and I all knew every word to every song from every NYCD, and I'm guessing this year will be vastly different than that. That makes me kind of sad, you guys.

The idea that our histories can all be set to the same soundtrack has always offered me a specific kind of comfort that has made it possible for me to go all over the place without all of you. In track 17 I mentioned wanting to do something amazing this year--and I still want and will have that--but keep in mind that what I deem amazing and what you deem amazing may be vastly different from one another.

I've spent a lot of time in the last year trying to distinguish the things that I truly value from the things that I merely like. I used to think I liked traveling. I don't. I value it. I don't feel like myself when I don't participate in that activity, and I'm sure that you'll notice that this years' compilation has a lot of traveling songs. It's true! It does! But why shouldn't it? I visited 10 states and three countries last year, and I don't even consider last year particularly travel-heavy for me. It's more than what I do, it's who I am, and NYCD was always an opportunity for me to feel close to y'all even when I'm far away. I guess I needed that again this year.

I want this to be as pervasive and important as it has been in years past, but I'm prepared for it not to be. The last few weeks has found me feeling...lonely, I guess. I don't get lonely, or I didn't, or something, but maybe now I do. I miss you guys desperately, so whatever it is called when you miss someone so much that it hurts is what applies. So please, listen. Listen well, listen actively, and then let me know what you think. Let's talk. I have some time these days, so call me. And know that every time you listen to this you are helping to make it possible for me to be out in the world somewhere missing you so goddamned much, and every time I hear from you is just one more reminder that "I'll be coming home soon."

I really, really love you guys.

5. Look, this is a really good NYCD, and furthermore it really sounds like NYCD. If you're new to this then you may not quite understand, but the veterans among you will hear it immediately. Artists that you may have expected to hear on NYCD are there, it's really, really poppy and there's even a Beatles cover. Wait, that's a lie. There are two Beatles covers. Also, I'm sure that some of you NYCD veterans will swear up and down that I've put a song on NYCD2013 that was already on NYCD2003. That's not entirely true; just know that this wasn't some sort of oversight on my part.

6. I've done my best to insure that BONYCD includes the songs that we all remember and not just the songs that I remember. That being said, I'm sure I've disappointed at least a few of you with some song or another that I've omitted. Know that songs were also chosen because of the purpose they served inside of a place and time, and sitting here now, typing this, ten years having passed since I first made one of these, it's so much easier to love some of the hardest of these times for the way that they've fueled all the stories that came later. What I'm trying to say is that I did my best.

7. I have all the originals of NYCD going back to 2002, and all of the additional material that went with creating them. Every note I wrote workshopping a story, every preliminary playlist--I have all that stuff. In the back of a notebook I used to make NYCD2006 there's a list called "consider for future NYCD's" and it's just a list of really beautiful, really poignant songs that I've never actually been able to use. I used five of them this year.

8. Speaking of originals, you've obviously noticed that you haven't received...well, anything. There's no real hard copy this year save the one that I will compile, create, and present to my favorite ex because he's a techophobe luddite child. I wont edit this sentence before I give him this, so you can be assured that he will text me the first time he reads this saying something that starts with the capitalized word 'woman' that is followed by at least one exclamation point. I crack myself up.

Anyway, because of some stuff I'll be doing in 2013, I also plan on going completely digital with my NYCD archives, too. In a couple months I will carefully scan and catalogue each one, and then give all of the originals to anyone who wants them. So, um...do you want them? They're cool. And in color.

9. So no one gets a song, and no one gets a copy...so who is this for? Namely, everyone. Seriously, if you are reading this, this is for you. I'm not following or tracking NYCD posts, pages, or downloads, so I will literally never find out that you read this or listened if you don't want me to. So go ahead. dive in.

10. I used to always use this point to dedicate NYCD to someone, and I will uphold that tradition. NYCD2013 is dedicated to Nathan "OMG Andy" Lind, and he knows why.

So this is the part where I'm supposed to quote one of my favorite authors, tell you that this year, finally, I will live only for myself, and then leave you with my phone number and address.

Haha. Sure. Why not.

"It reveals to me two facts. One: she loves me deeply. Two: she is completely indifferent as to whether or not she ever sees me again. Looking past her to her suitcase I ascertain that it is not yet full. Good. Because she has promised to leave room in it for this manuscript."

I do what I want. And I wanted to make this for you.

All my love,
Miranda Moure


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